Leaf Removal

Central Indiana

Precision Cut Lawn Service offers prompt leaf removal service. We provide whole yard leaf removal.

Whole Yard Leaf Removal

Trees don’t necessarily shed their leaves at the same time, so we usually make two visits – once in late October or early November, and again in late November or early December. Depending on the weather, we may adjust the timing of our visits.

Our goal is remove as many leaves as possible before snow begins to fall, so you don’t have to worry about matted, wet leaves staining your wood deck or concrete driveway. A few leaves won’t hurt your landscaping, but a thick blanket of wet leaves can stifle perennial plants and cause bare spots in your lawn.

Our team of two to three leaf removal technicians will clear your property of leaves, moving them toward the street, so our truck can vacuum the leaves away.

Whole-yard leaf removal may be $250 or more, depending on the size of the job and moisture content of the leaves.

Many homeowners prefer to take care of all their winter yard preparation at the same time. In addition to leaf pickup, we offer:

*You can also choose monthly service plans, so you don’t have to bother with calling and requesting service every month. Just let us know what services you need – and on what schedule – and we’ll provide a customized quote.*