Make Fencing Part of Your Spring Lawn Maintenance

It’s often said that good fences make good neighbors. But beyond just the privacy and boundary settings fences provide, there are few things that clean up your yard better than a newly installed, high-quality fence. And spring is the perfect season to start.

Residential Fence with Blue Sky in Background

How to install fencing

At Precision Cut Lawn, helping our customers choose and install a fence is a big part of our business. And we have learned a few rules about designing your yard around fencing over the years, including:

  • Design your fence with function in mind first: Why do you need a fence: for privacy, to safeguard animals and children or for decoration? These answers will guide the type of fence you choose and cost. For example, if privacy is your goal, we often recommend a tall, 8-foot wooden plank fence or chain link fencing that has metal panels woven throughout. If your primary purpose is decorative, we have metal and composite fencing with lovely decorative scrolling.  If keeping animals in the yard is a priority, then 4-foot fencing that may be all you need.
  • Consider your maintenance requirements:  When you buy a wooden fence with a simple stain, keep in mind that it may require regular power-washing, painting or staining to keep it up to standard. If you don’t want the worry, choose a metal fence or composite material that won’t require maintenance.
  • Consult your neighborhood HOA or local fence-building ordinances: Many neighborhoods have strict bylaws about fencing, even when it sits on your property.  Make sure your fencing project falls within the parameters of these requirements, which usually will include provisions for height, material type, and placement.
  • Consider more than one type of fencing material. Depending on the configuration of your property, you might be able to mix materials to make your fencing project less expensive. For instance, you could choose decorative metal fencing in the front of your property where it is visible from the street, and chain link fence around the back of your property, where curb appeal isn’t as crucial.

Need help? Call lawn services experts

We can help install your fence and help you consider your overall lawn maintenance needs. Use us to decide:

  • Choice of materials and estimating
  • Fence location in relation to your property lines
  • Location and type of post holes, based on the type of fence you purchase
  • Precise string-drawn fencing lines
  • Installation and maintenance

Thinking about putting in a new fence on your property? Contact us for a free estimate today!

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