Precision Cut Lawn Service is more than just a lawn-mowing company. Our team of professionals also provides a full range of residential and commercial landscaping services, including the installation of hardscapes.

Quality hardscaping and landscaping can transform an empty yard into a comfortable living space. Whether you need a new concrete sidewalk, or a custom flagstone patio, we have the expertise to design and install any type of hardscape project.

Patio styles

Patio pavers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are made from a wide range of materials – brick, concrete, slate, porcelain, and more. All of those features affect the total cost of a project, which is generally about $18 to $30 per square foot.

Paver Patio with Garden Decoration and Landscape Lights
Standard-size bricks are usually the most affordable patio pavers. Irregular shapes, or materials like tumbled travertine, tend to be more costly. Before we begin any project, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote for materials and labor, so you know what to expect.

Stone walls

Homeowners with sloping yards have unique landscaping challenges. Erosion may cause bald spots in lawns, and few plants can thrive on a steep slope. Retaining walls solve these problems by creating stepped, flat surfaces that are easy to mow, or to fill with plants.

In addition to retaining walls, we also build short walls to hold raised flowerbeds – an easy way for commercial customers to add visual appeal outside their building. Residential customers may enjoy seating walls, which we can build around fire pits or patios.

No matter what type of wall we build for you, we ensure that the foundation and backfill will keep the wall from shifting or bowing outward.

Other projects

Other common hardscape requests from customers include firepit areas, swimming pool surrounds and garden steps. Sometimes, customers may not know exactly what they want, in which case our design team can come up with options that suit the customer’s taste and budget.

Ready to add some hardscaping to your property? Contact us today to get started.

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