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Central Indiana Lawn Care and Landscaping

Your lawn needs so much more than just a weekly trim. It needs attention, water, and the right nutrients to grow thick, green and healthy. When you hire Precision Lawn Care as your lawn mowing contractor, you can be secure in the knowledge you’re getting “the whole package” for lawn mowing and maintenance.

Our Lawn Care Services


Grass Cutting Services – Our team comes by on regular schedules that follow the growth patterns of your grass. You’ll never have to worry about calling us to come. We know.

Lawn Care Aeration – As your yard is cut and the trimmings composted back into your lawn, over time your lawn can develop a “thatch” that chokes out the growth of your grass. When you work with us, Precision Care can provide the regularly scheduled lawn aeration that keeps your grass healthy.

Grass Overseeding – Weak, patchy grass? Rather than kill it all and start over, our staff of lawn care experts can overseed your existing grass, getting lush green turf to grow to dominate your lawn.

Emergent Weed Treatments – There’s no excuse for a weedy lawn, especially when Precision Lawn Care is on the case. We provide our customers with a schedule of sprays that treat the grass before the weeds have a chance to emerge.

Acute Lawn Care – If your lawn is so weedy it’s practically on life support, we can help you bring it back from the dead. We’ll help you seed new turf, and apply a professional schedule of all the right nutrients and fertilizer. Before you know it, you’ll have the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood.

Seasonal Fertilizers – We analyze the quality of your soil, and apply the right fertilizers in a customized schedule to assure your lawn is balanced, healthy, and ready to face the challenges of the coming seasons.


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