We provide a weekly mowing service on an as needed basis. We do not provide bi-weekly mowing or one time cuts.

We will use 36″, 48″, or 61″ commercial mowers as well as push mowers depending on accessibility of your yard. We will edge along sidewalks and driveways, and trim around fences, landscape beds, trees, and areas not accessible with the mower. This does not include weed eating landscape beds or cracks in driveways, sidewalks, or patios. To finish, we will blow sidewalks, driveways, porches and patios of all grass clippings and debris. Mowing crews do not bag or remove excess grass or take sticks or limbs, they will pile them around trees so they can mow the yard.

**Services auto-auto renew every year unless cancelled with the office**

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Sales: 317-691-8663 ext 1

Office: 317-691-8663 ext 2


Sales Hours

  • Spring/Summer Hours (Mar-Sept):
    • Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
    • Saturday 9am-12pm


Office Hours

  • Mar-Dec:
    • Monday-Friday 8a-5p
  • Winter Hours (Jan-Feb):
    • Closed, please call sales or leave a voicemail and we will get back to you



In order to be paid on a timely manner and create a hassle free service, we require a billing account be set up with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card.

Pricing is determined by the size of your property, accessibility and payment option you choose. There are three payment options to choose from.

  • Pay up front:
    • Pay up front for mowing April-November. The price includes any skips or partial mows of your property.
    • *Non-Refundable*
    • Payment accepted:
      • i.Check
      • Credit card (adds a 2% processing fee)
  • Monthly Payment:
    • Full Season, 1 year contract set up in 8 fixed monthly installments.
    • You will be billed on the first business day of each month for the months of April-November.
    • This is a 1 year contract. Our season is from April-Nov. Any services provided before or after our season will be included in your price (i.e. if our season starts in March or ends in December, these cuts will be included in your price, and you will not be charged extra for them)
    • If you sign up in the middle of the month, you will be charged your weekly price for the remainder of that month. Your contract and monthly price would begin the following month.
    • If you sign up after April 1st your contract will end the following year for a total of 8 payments (i.e. contracts starting in May would end the following April, contracts starting in June would end the following May, and so on and so forth, for a total of 8 payments)
    • *If you cancel at any time before the end of the contract, you will be charged an early termination fee of one month’s payment.*
    • Payment:
      • A credit card will be put on file to be charged the first of every month. There is no credit card fee. A sales receipt will be sent when the card is charged. Services will not begin until a credit card is on file.
  • Pay as you go:
    • Pay per service provided. There are roughly 36 weeks in our mowing season, however, we will skip a property when a service is not needed. You will not be charged for skips. Partial cuts will be charged accordingly.
    • Payment:
      • A credit card will be put on file to be charged at time of service. There is no credit card fee. A sales receipt will be sent when the card is charged. Services will not begin until a credit card is put on file.

**Mowing services auto-renew every year. Services will continue until the homeowner cancels.**

**All cancellations need to go through the office at 317-893-7184 or**

Service Days &

Weather Delays

We schedule work Monday-Friday and use Saturdays to compensate for delays. We do not work on Sundays. We mow designated areas each day of the week, ensuring that each customer is assigned a specific service day throughout the season. Although we assign a specific mowing day, several factors can affect our schedule, so service may vary from week to week.




Please let us know if you have any outdoor pets so our crews can be aware of them. Our crews will make every effort to not let your pet through the gate, but we cannot guarantee your pet will not escape while we are mowing. Please keep them locked up on your scheduled mowing day, so we can provide services for you. Please pick up all toys and bones. We are not liable for broken toys or lead lines our mowers might mow over.


Please keep your gate unlocked and entry cleared for our mowers to access on your scheduled mowing day. If you prefer to not unlock your gates we recommend a combination lock and that you provide us with the combination so our crews are able to access the fenced areas.

**We are unable to send our crews back or issue any credit for not mowing inside a locked fenced area or not mowing when a pet is in the way.**

Items in the yard

We ask all customers to please pick up all small items such as toys, hoses, pet waste, and other items in the yard before our technicians arrive each week. We are not responsible for damages.

Property Damage

Please contact us immediately if there is any property that is damaged by our crew. We will send out a salesman to take a look and take pictures and document all damage. Our salesman will use their best judgement to determine what actions will be taken. Upon your notification, we will repair the damage in a timely manner. We will not honor any request for repair expenses for damaged property that we were not made aware of or allowed to repair in a timely manner. If you fix the property on your own without contacting us beforehand, we will not refund you any costs associated with the repairs. If we are unable to repair the damage, we will make arrangements to hire someone who is qualified to make the repair. To report any damage, please call 317-363-3538.

**If notification is not made within 24 hours, we are not liable for damages**


Our goal is total customer satisfaction! If there are any special notes for your property let us know and we will make sure the crews have them to service your property to your satisfaction. If our work is not satisfactory, or you think we did not service your yard, we do not give credits. However, we will send the crew to re-mow or fix your yard if you make us aware of the problem within 24 hours. If you contact us after 24 hours, we will be sure to correct the problem for the next service.

We are here to help you!

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