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Have better things to do than spend your off hours sweating over your lawn? When you work with Precision Cut, you can get those precious summer weekends back. We offer a comprehensive lawn cutting service. One call truly will do it all. Once you have begun a contract with us, you never have to think about your lawn again!


Fertilizing promotes new growth and hardiness, relieves stress from wear and tear, helps counteract damage due to disease and insects, and prevents the growth of weeds. Our yard fertilization program at Precision Cut Lawn Service aims to give you the pristine lawn you are looking for! Our fertilization program aims to get rid of those pesky weeds that are suffocating your grass so your lawn can grow full and lush. Our yard fertilization program also provides supplemental nutrients your lawn might need if it lacks the sufficient amounts to promote growth and health. Below is a description of the services we offer.


What is lawn aeration, you ask? Aeration is the act of perforating the soil and taking out small cores about 1” thick by 3” deep. This benefits your lawn by alleviating soil compaction which allows for air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots so they can grow deeper and thicker. Typically, aeration occurs every year to every 2 years in the fall, and it is often coupled with overseeding/seeding and a simple starter fertilizer. Aerating in the fall, followed by seeding, allows for the roots to take hold and grow to prepare for new growth in the spring.

Bush Hog

Bush hogging becomes necessary when you have an overgrown field you need mowed down. We can bush hog lots as small as a 1/4 acre to as large as 100 acres.


Gutter Cleaning

No matter the time of year, when your gutters are not working properly, that’s when you notice them! Gutter cleaning is important maintenance that needs to be done to maintain the value of your home. Clogged gutters are the number one cause of basement water problems.



Landscape Cleanup

Spring Full Landscape Cleanup In spring, it’s time to get down to business and get a head start on your lawn maintenance! Just like spring cleaning in your home, we do the same for your yard. Fall Full Landscape Cleanup In the fall, we like to winterize your landscape. Your yard needs to prepare for winter just like you do.


The most important thing to maintaining healthy trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials is to prune them. Getting rid of the dead parts of the plant is the best way to allow it to grow fuller. Also, trimming is a way to maintain uniformity of a tree or shrub to brighten curb appeal of your home. As a shrub or tree is growing, the new branches will grow uncontrollably and in many different directions. This often leads to overgrowth of your landscaping and is aesthetically unpleasing to the eye. We can trim those plants to give the smooth edges you are looking for in your landscaping.


Mulch is very important to your trees and plant beds. It insulates the soil to protect it from heat and cold temperatures, retains water to keep the roots moist, prevents the growth of weeds, prevents soil compaction, and protects trees and plants from lawn equipment damage. Not only is mulch important for the health of your plants, it is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye at a lower cost than other alternatives.

Bed Maintenance

Our bed maintenance program is a monthly spraying of all weeds in your landscape beds during the spring-fall season. This helps keep your beautiful landscaped beds perfect all season.

Tree & Stump Removal

Some diseases that kill trees are contagious, so when a tree dies, removing it quickly can help protect other trees on your property. Rotting trees attract pests, which may harm other vegetation or make their way inside the nearest building.


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