Looking to remove a dead tree or tree stump from your property? Precision Cut offers tree removal and stump grinding services, and if you want to replace a dead tree, we can do that for you, too.

Reasons to call a tree removal company

Some diseases that kill trees are contagious, so when a tree dies, removing it quickly can help protect other trees on your property. Rotting trees attract pests, which may harm other vegetation or make their way inside the nearest building.

Perhaps most importantly, brittle, decaying trees can drop limbs or fall over, which could cause injury or property damage.

Tree stump removal

Tree root systems may extend well below the soil line and branch out in all directions. When you call us for a tree removal estimate, we’ll determine the best, most economical way to remove the tree and stump. Usually, we recommend tree stump grinding, rather than removing the root system. Total root removal could require the use of heavy machinery and can disturb a large area of your yard.

Tree stump grinding is just what it sounds like – after we remove the tree, we grind the stump down below the soil line, then cover it with soil. Without direct sunlight, any portion of the root ball that’s still living will eventually die, decay and become part of the soil.
old tree stump in the summer park

Tree replanting

If you want to replace a small, ornamental tree that has a shallow root system, our tree removal service team may be able to remove the existing tree and roots, and replant a tree in the same location. In some cases, depending on the existing root system and soil conditions, a shrub or ornamental grass may be a better choice for replacing a small ornamental tree. Our landscape professionals can help you choose the best replacement for a dead tree.

Request an estimate

Large tree removal, especially near power lines or structures, may be beyond the scope of what we can do. But when you request an estimate, we’ll take a look at your yard to determine whether we can do the job, and if so, we’ll give you a quote that includes disposal and clean-up fees.

Ready to get your estimate for dead tree removal and tree stump removal? Just fill out our online contact form, or give us a call at 317-691-8663.