Lawn Mowing Service for Central Indiana

Have better things to do than spend your off hours sweating over your lawn? When you work with Precision Lawn Care, you can get those precious summer weekends back.

We offer a comprehensive lawn cutting service. One call truly will do it all. Once you have begun a contract with us, you never have to think about your lawn again!

Specifically we offer:

  • Never a need to schedule mowing services. Our team will come to you every few days to make sure your grass gets cut, before it gets too high.
  • Variable timing. When the grass is growing faster in the spring, our team comes weekly. When it has gotten dryer due to low rainfall, we come less. Our team puts the health of your lawn first, always.
  • Quick lawn mowing done with fast commercial riding mowers.
  • Professional, courteous staff that has had extensive background checks and training.
  • Complete trimming services, providing clean edging around sidewalks, landscaping, trees, garages and sheds, as a start.
  • Turf evaluation. As a part of our service, we pay attention to your lawn. We can recommend the right additional fertilizers and weed killers that will address your specific weed control issues and soil quality.
  • Pricing for your lawn depends on the size and topography of your property. Contact us today for more information.

We service Avon, Plainfield, Camby, Carmel, Zionsville, Fishers, Indianapolis, Greenwood, Bargersville, Whiteland, and Franklin

Please check out our Mowing Policies before signing up!


Great first impression

Your lawn’s health is the first impression your visitors see of you and your home.

No one edges like us

Our mowing crews will cut, edge, trim and blow off every time to create a well-manicured lawn.

We trim and blow too

We trim around all posts, fences, and trees to ensure a consistent length throughout the yard.

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