Residential and Commercial Mulch for Indianapolis

Mulch is very important to your trees and plant beds. It insulates the soil to protect it from heat and cold temperatures, retains water to keep the roots moist, prevents the growth of weeds, prevents soil compaction, and protects trees and plants from lawn equipment damage. Not only is mulch important for the health of your plants, it is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye at a lower cost than other alternatives.

We can deliver and install your preferred choice of mulch and also provide any pre-emergents or fabric barriers underneath to ensure the best weed protection possible. Pre-emergents makes it to where they hinder the growth of the weed and the weed barriers/fabrics hinder the weed’s roots from being able to establish their roots in the soil below.

The reason weeds are so prevalent is due to the fact that mulch is an organic material. Because of this when mulch decomposes over time it builds up a soil/nutrient layer on top of the fabric that enables weeds’ roots to establish themselves and grow more heartily. The best way to compete with these weeds is by checking the beds regularly and weeding as needed.

Insulates the soil

Mulch insulates the soil to protect it from hot and cold temperatures.

Retains Water

Mulch retains water to keep the roots moist.

Prevents Weeds

Mulch prevents the growth of weeds and prevents soil compaction.