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Posted on: June 27, 2017 Posted by: Precision Cut Lawn Comments: 0

Robotic Lawn Maintenance: A Rumba for Your Yard

You can’t enjoy the scent of fresh-cut grass if you’re too busy to cut it. The question is, who should do the work? Robotic lawn devices are smart systems that offer a promising way to mow, trim, weed and water plants. Are they more effective than hiring a local lawn care provider? Let’s look at who takes the best care of your yard.

Robots keep your lawn groomed

Smart technology can monitor your lawn’s health and keep it trimmed without you ever having to break a sweat. Smart devices designed for lawn maintenance improve quality of life and save time and money. Take a look at some of these smart devices:

Smart Sprinklers

You can monitor your lawn from your smartphone. Smart sprinklers are set on a timer to prevent lawn dehydration and over watering. It uses only ⅓ of water that a traditional sprinkler system uses, saving gallons of water every day and hundreds of dollars on your water bill.

Smart Garden Monitors

This nifty device gathers data on sunlight, moisture, soil quality, and other variables. It cross-references existing plant database and sends an analysis to your smartphone. It also suggests what to plant, peak harvest time and compatible foliage.

Smart Lawn Mowers

Similar to a smart vacuum, the circular smart mower trims grass and uses GPS technology to create a map of your yard. With sharp blades underneath, it maneuvers over tricky terrain and obstacles across your lawn.

Is it worth it?

Technology is fun when it works, but understanding how it works can be challenging. Some smart devices offer more options in the settings and mobile functionality. How do you know which smart device brand is best for you? Can you navigate the apps? Are you willing to micromanage device functionality, and is it worth it?

Smart devices provide the bare minimum of lawn grooming. A fully programmed GPS, sensor system, and automated smart mower can cost at minimal $1,000.00 after taxes. Not to mention smart devices can’t seed your lawn, check soil quality or even clean up grass clippings, which means you have to do the rest. That’s where a lawn care provider can be a better value–they can oversee the general health of your yard and take preventative action.

At Precision Cut Lawn, you receive a yearly maintenance schedule that includes weekly mowing, a fertilization program, aeration and seeding in the fall. Not only that, but plan ahead for spring and fall cleanup, shrub trimming, mulch and optional monthly bed maintenance, all set up on an automated schedule. You don’t have to do anything but call and schedule an appointment today!