Beautiful blooming of decorative white apple and fruit trees oveA lawnmower has its limits, so when you need to remove overgrown grass, weeds and shrubs, you’re probably going to need professional help.

Precision Cut’s land clearing services can handle the job. Our heavy-duty equipment is powerful enough to effortlessly remove overgrowth and clear trees from large lots.

Brush clearing along fence lines

Fences, especially in rural settings, can quickly become swallowed up by overgrowth. Climbing weeds can strain wooden fences to their breaking point and drain electric fences of voltage. Our land clearing services can remove brush from fence lines to protect your investment.

Deterring pests

A field full of wildflowers can be beautiful in the spring, but tall, overgrown areas attract rodents. We can clear away vegetation close to your home to keep rodents at bay, while leaving remote wildflower areas or meadows intact.

Dense vegetation is a favorite hangout for deer, animals known for causing costly damage to fruit trees and gardens. Cutting back growth discourages deer from getting too close to valuable plants and trees.

Fire hazard reduction

In the summer, when brush and grasses dry out, they can become highly flammable. Our land clearing services keep vegetation low – and away from the structures on your property – to help minimize the risk of brush fires and property damage.

Selective land clearing

If you’re building a new home or new structure on a wooded lot, you may need professional land clearing services, but you also may want to keep some existing trees. Our land clearing professionals work carefully, to avoid damaging any trees you want to preserve.

The right tools for the job

A heavy-duty bush hog is perfect for clearing a large, open meadow, but some jobs require a little more finesse. We have tools to clear large areas and tight spaces, such as a strip of land between a fence and an outbuilding.

When you request your estimate for land clearing services, we’ll provide a detailed quote for the job, based on the equipment needed, cost per hour and, in the case of tree removal, disposal fees.

Contact us today to request your estimate.

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