Retaining wall and patioWhen you have a sloping yard, you might dread grass-mowing day. Most residential riding lawnmowers can’t operate safely on a steep slope, and push mowers aren’t ideal for the job, either. But there’s another solution: Build retaining walls, and get rid of the slope.

Retaining walls are an ancient concept – Greek and Roman societies used them to create natural amphitheater seating, and Incans built retaining walls into the sides of mountains to make terraced gardens. Today, many homeowners find landscaping retaining walls solve the problems that come with a sloped yard.

Precision Cut Lawn Care’s services include retaining walls design and installation, and we’ll work with you to come up with a design that complements your home’s architectural style and reflects your personal design aesthetic.

Benefits of Retaining Walls

When you add retaining walls to your sloped yard, you’re creating even surfaces that are much easier to maintain. Sloped yards may be patchy, as soil erosion can prevent grass and plants from taking root, but when you add retaining walls, you can replant formerly barren spots in your yard. Retaining walls are also useful on flat landscapes, where they can create raised garden beds.

Retaining Wall Options

You may prefer stone retaining walls with stones of uniform size for a simple look. For a more rustic effect, we can build rock retaining walls with stones of different shapes, sizes and colors. Walls may be straight or include curves.

Quality Construction

A finished retaining wall looks like a simple structure, but its construction involves some thoughtful engineering. On soft slopes, a short retaining wall with staggered stones may hold up to the force of the earth behind it, but larger walls, or walls on steep slopes could require support from anchors, piles, cables or a cantilever.

Experience Matters

Inexperienced landscapers may not know how to create proper drainage for retaining walls, and water accumulation behind or at the base of the wall eventually will cause it to fail. Our professional landscape team knows how to build resilient retaining walls with multiple drainage features, so you don’t have to worry about the wall collapsing. For more information about a proper retaining wall build, contact us today.

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