Why Slice Seeding Can Save Your Lawn

Looking out onto a lackluster and spotty lawn can be discouraging–especially when you’ve put in effort only to see ruts, weeds, and bald spots. But don’t despair. In most cases, repairing your lawn won’t require a complete overhaul. If your yard has not been taken over entirely by weeds, there may be time yet for a less costly, invasive solution like slit seeding.

Hand Seeding Lawn

Slit seeding works like this:

  • Your lawn is assessed to determine:
    • If it is overgrown or choked due to thatch (overgrowth of dead roots and grass clippings)
    • Alkaline and fertilization levels
  • A slit seeding machine plants seed by cutting small indentations in the yard  
  • The seeds are fed with water and proper fertilization and grow, filling in your existing lawn

Why choose slit seeding over a full kill? It’s far less expensive. In fact, it costs roughly 1/3 less than killing your lawn and replacing with sod. And the results last longer.

There are a few things, however, that must be done to ensure that your split-seeding project is successful.  

Your lawn must be free of thatch. Thatch can sometimes choke off a lawn. It can be eliminated with an aerating machine, which pokes holes in the lawn and breaks up the lawn, allowing water and fertilizer to get in.

Your lawn must be evenly watered and fertilized. Compacted soil is a sign that your lawn is out of balance. Testing will reveal alkaline and acidity levels and direct next steps, which may involve more care than fertilizer.

Slit seeding procedures vary–make sure you understand the process. Many grass seed mixes are contaminated with weeds or contain a grass type different from yours. Make sure your lawn care service matches the seed stock and uses a pure mix.

Once the slit seeding procedure is finished, make sure you water the area regularly–this helps the root system grow and incorporate well with your lawn.

Is your yard a good candidate for slit seeding? We can check it out. Contact us for a free consultation.

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