Winter affects the aesthetics of your lawn. Brown and patchy grass appears when snow or freezing temperatures create soil compaction, which suffocates grassroots. Thatch, or dead organic elements, mixes in with your grass, which is  unhealthy for your lawn. That’s why spring is the perfect season to recover and prepare your lawn for treatments that promote growth.


Spring cleanup for your lawn


Just like clutter that accumulates inside your home, your yard is layered in materials that need to be removed during spring cleanup. Removing twigs, leaves and thatch is lawn preparation for growing conditions. You can remove thatch with a rake or dethatcher remover. This will allow treatments like aeration and fertilization to reach the soil and roots. Spring cleanup will spruce up the appearance of your yard and reduce the invasion of pests, fungus and diseases.


Lawn treatments


Fertilizationfeeds your lawn with more than just nutrients, and jumpstarts your lawn’s growth. Fertilizer also:


  • Protects new growth,
  • Relieves tension on your lawn from wear and tear, and
  • Helps counteract disease and insect damage.


Layering fertilizer produces the supplemental nutrients that your lawn needs. You can install fertilization treatments year-round to sustain a healthy lawn.


Aerationis puncturing the lawn and extracting shallow cores of dirt about 1” thick. This allows water, air, and nutrients to penetrate grass roots, helping grass to grow thicker and greener, not brown. Aerating your lawn:


  • Alleviates soil compaction,
  • Purifies your lawn, and
  • Promotes a strong root system.


Aeration, combined with seeding or overseeding which is planting grass seeds that is already established promotes more grass growth. All parameters of your lawn need aeration, including the edges of your lawn along sidewalks and driveways, where most lawn damage occurs.


Prepare your lawn for treatments this summer by trimming shrubs, tending to plants and layering mulch or other weed preventatives. If yardwork isn’t your idea of fun on a sunny spring day, let us do the dirty work for you. There’s no job too big or small, and we guarantee our crew will give 100% on the job. Contact us todaywe’re always available to answer your questions.

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