Caleb Harbert

Caleb Harbert
Caleb HarbertFounder/Managing Member

About Caleb

Caleb Harbert is the founder and managing member of Precision Cut Lawn Service, LLC. He started cutting grass, clearing driveways, and picking up leaves at the age of ten for his neighbors. He then founded the company at the age of 15, servicing the Greenwood area with one trailer, a car, and two lawn mowers. While in high school he continued to work hard to better his company. When he finished his freshman year at Purdue University, he had his first truck and commercial lawn mowers. He continued to work hard developing his business which led him to transfer to IUPUI his sophomore year where he could go to school near the company.

As the company and his passion to serve people grew he quit college and put his full focus into Precision Cut Lawn Service, LLC. Today, Precision Cut Lawn Service, LLC provides services for the greater Indianapolis area pushing as far south as Franklin and as far north as Zionsville, Carmel, and Fishers. There are now many crews that work to provide lawn care, landscaping, hardscaping, snow removal and multiple other services to both residential and commercial properties. Although Caleb is very busy managing Precision Cut Lawn Service, LLC, he occasionally gets some free time where he can enjoy his family, read, and travel.

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