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Weekly Mowing

There are three payment options that will be outlined in the quote; Pay up front April-November, Pay Monthly April-November or Pay as you Go. A credit card is required to be on file for services. We do not offer bi-weekly mowing or one time cuts in the spring or summer. Please check out our policies page at


We offer a 5 Treatment program for residential clients and a 3 Treatment program for commercial clients.


There is a small benefit for double pass aeration. Double pass allows for a higher density of cores per area so that when we lay grass seed there is a higher chance of having the seed grow thick. Some lawns this will benefit and other lawns will do fine on a single pass aeration. This option is often coupled with seeding.


Our price varies for this option because it is dependent on the square footage of your yard. We spread a grass seed mixture that is dependent on the type of lawn you own and that will promote new grass growth. This option is often coupled with aeration, as it compliments it well.

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